StoneCircle Time trial

Wayback MCC are pleased to present our inaugural Time Trial, in association with StoneCircle.

Riders will set off in 20 second intervals for a course of 8-10 minutes in duration across varied natural terrain including hills, banks, logs, mud and roots. There will be eight observed sections on the route, each scored 0 (clean), 3 (footing), or 5 (fail). Multiple riders can enter sections at the same time, unless prevented by an official due to force majeure.

A target number of laps and a 'Standard Time' will be set by the Clerk of the Course. Riders will have to complete the target number of laps, and lose 1 mark for every 30 seconds over the standard time, with the winner being the rider who has accumulated the least penalty points when the points for time and observation have been accrued.

There are two sessions with different section difficulty:

  1. Clubman (Novice/ Red type sections), commencing at 10am

  2. Expert (Inter/ Blue type sections), commencing at c.12.30am

The course is fully taped so as to make the route clear and prevent course cutting. Will you open the throttle and try to keep a clean timesheet? Or take it steady with your feet up?

Entries will be online via RideACU ONLY.

Wayback MCC

Scoring Example

Target Laps: 10 Standard Time: 1 hour 20 minutes (80 mins)

Joe Bloggs completes 10 laps in 78 mins (no marks lost on time), while dropping 37 marks on observation. His total score is 37 marks,

Sarah Smith completes 10 laps in 91 mins (22 marks lost on time), while dropping 12 marks on observation. Her total score is 34 marks, and she wins, three marks ahead of Joe Bloggs.