About Wayback MCC

Wayback MCC exists to support motorcycle trials for Youth and Adult riders alike from Pre-65 and Twinshock machines, right up to the latest electric machines. We cater for all classes of rider from beginners, to expert riders with the class you ride dictated by your ability.

Motorcycle trials are is among the safest forms of motorsport with competition taking place on 'Observed Sections' which test agility and skill over varied natural and man-made terrain. Trials are a non-speed event.

Wayback MCC Rules

  1. Motorsport is dangerous. Despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable incidents can happen. You are present at your own risk.

  2. You must stay on the marked route at all times. Do not attempt to 'practice' in unauthorised areas.

  3. There is a 5mph speed limit for vehicles at all venues. This is especially important through farmyards and on farm tracks.

  4. Strictly no riding outside the venue. If you are parked outside the gate, motorcycles must be pushed to and from the gate.

  5. No riding before or after the trial, unless agreed by the Clerk of the Course.

  6. Maximum walking pace between sections.

  7. The observer's decision is final and any disputes should be directed to the Clerk of the Course.

  8. The farm is a working farm. You must respect the venue, leaving the land as you found it. You must take your rubbish home with you and stay within the bounds of the venue.

  9. If the trial is 'self observed' then unmarked club officials will be present to ensure accurate marking takes place.

  10. All rules in the ACU Handbook, including the Trial Standing Regulations (TSRs), National Sporting Code (NSC) and Environmental Code apply at all times.

Non-compliance with these rules will result in a ban and referral to the ACU for an appropriate further penalty.

Wayback MCC